Brie Watson is an improv, stand-up and sketch comedian, actor, live comedy producer & improv instructor based in Niagara and Toronto. She is the creator of Guess Who’s Coming to Improv? She co-hosts the Second City Training Centre’s Lockdown Jam alongside Janet Davidson, and is the co-founder of Improv Niagara.

Brie is a respected improv instructor and has been on the faculty at The Second City Training Centre for seven years, where she has also taught stand-up comedy. She teaches the LOCK improv program at Improv Niagara and delivers corporate workshops with Improv Niagara and privately.

Brie write and performs in a sketch comedy duo alongside David Lahti called The UtilidorsThey’ve toured internationally at NYC Sketchfest and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival and performed one the home-front at the 2017 & 2018 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festivals.

Along with her brother Nick, Brie hosts and produces The Constant Struggle podcast, in which the siblings interview local artists and performers and discuss the struggles balancing life and art.

Brie graduated from both the Improv and Longform Conservatory programs at the Second City Training Centre as well as the Comedy Writing and Performance program at Humber College.

Brie performed at the Del Close Marathon in New York City, The Big City Improv and She Dot Festivals in Toronto, as well as the Atlantic, Montreal and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals. She was a nominee for the Tim Sims Encouragement Award in 2012. She has performed comedy across Central & Eastern Canada and the United States.

Brie also has a a degree in Political Studies from the University of Ottawa. Go GeeGees!