Guess Who’s Coming to Improv?



It’s our 4th Birthday!!!!

Saturday November 3rd 2018 at Comedy Bar with special guest Ed Sahely! Showtime @ 8:30 PM

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Industry Reviews:

“Such Fun!” – Ken Hall (TBS’s People of Earth, Canadian Comedy Award winner)

Audience Reviews:

“Had so much fun. Felt a 100 times brighter after a night of great silliness. Wonderful atmosphere!” – Professor P.

How GWCI Works:

Now in it’s second year! Improvisers are paired up to perform scene together … but they have NO IDEA who their partner will be!

If you play, you might get matched with one of our special guest improvisers!

Or, you might be matched with be someone who’s new to performing improv, looking to you to get more practice and experience; to feed off your expertise to craft an enjoyable and memorable performance.

OR EVEN, you could be matched with your future-duo-partner for life!  Ya never know!

The beauty here is to embrace the unknown, to go with it, and to have a blast!

GWCI – November 2016 with special guest Kerry Griffin